Christmas Light Display Nativity Worded Sign

LED Lighted Yard Art Decoration Red

Bring a positive message of Joy to your Christmas Holiday yard display

The red LED Joy Sign forms a single word using framework designed to represent cursive writing. It is 48 x 28 inches in size and features bright red miniature LED light bulbs. Hang it up using the two horizontal shafts on the back of the ornament.

Weight: 6.40 lbs
Amperage: 0.049
Dimensions: 48 in x 28 in
Light Color: Red
Lead Length: 6 feet
Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
Female Plug Type: End-to-End
Grade: Commercial
Voltage: 120
Bulb Type: Mini
Removable Bulbs: Yes

With this terrific ornament, you can communicate a sense of peace and happiness using a single word. For this ornament, erected from a durable frame and featuring powerful miniature LED light bulbs, does all of that, spelling out the word "joy" with cursive typography that glimmers with beautiful red ambiance. The hue matches the primary color theme of the holidays. So if you want, you can complete the feel by displaying this ornament alongside ornaments that produce green light. But the LED Joy Sign makes for an attractive piece of display in a group or on its own. Should any of these mini bulbs burn out, you can easily replace them on your own; it has been designed to not only produce a grand visual display, but also meet your convenience. With overall dimensions of 48 inches by 28 inches and many, many light bulbs clinging to its surface, it will capture the attention and the imaginations of those who see it. The letters, with their decoratively ornate and loopy serifs, are held in place by two horizontal shafts of steel, which you can use to clip this sign to the surface where it will be hung.

Joy LED Christmas Light Display Yard Lawn Art Outdoor Nativity Scene Sign Red