The LED Happy Holidays sign with the warm white lights is a magnificent and unique tool for holiday decoration. It allows you to spell out your seasons’ greetings while still creating a magnificent display of ambiance. The rust-resistant, powder-coated, steel-constructed frame forms the shape of cursive letters spelling out "Happy Holidays" and serves as the framework for 335 warm white LEDs.

Weight: 39.60 lbs
Amperage: 0.11
Dimensions: 32 in x174 in
Number Of Lights: 300.00
Light Color: Warm White
Lead Length: 6 feet
Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
Female Plug Type: End-to-End
Grade: Commercial
Voltage: 120
Bulb Type: Mini
Removable Bulbs: Yes
Sometimes it is a lot of fun to express your holiday feelings through an object such as a decorative Christmas tree or a collection of roof lights or a lawn ornament—and sometimes it’s simpler and more efficient to just spell it out, which is now easy to do thanks to this LED Happy Holidays sign with the warm white lights, a top-notch product available here at Brite Ideas. As the item’s name would suggest, it is a sign spelling out a phrase that is frequently mentioned during the holiday season, with dimensions of 32 inches by 174 inches. The letters are formed out of a rust-resistant, powder-coated, steel-constructed frame that has been especially shaped to resemble cursive typography. That is impressive by itself, but what really makes this a fine piece of wintertime decor are the 335 warm white LED light bulbs adorning this steel-constructed frame. First of all, there is the even distribution of the combined ambiance; every bulb is spaced two inches apart from its neighbors. Secondly, there is the sheer beauty produced by each individual light bulb. The glow is our warm white, which is a whitish core, enhanced with and surrounded by a dim yellow. The result is a candle-like emanation. Furthermore, unlike most holiday signs, this one is actually two individual segments, meaning each word is separate, allowing you to arrange them in a way that pleases you. So, for instance, if you are planning on hanging these words around a window, you can use them to corner the frame. You could also stack one word on top of the other, or they could form a single, horizontal line. The LED Happy Holidays sign with the warm white lights is also an indoor and outdoor product, doubling the number of places you can utilize its beautiful physical shape and brilliant ambiance.

Happy Holiday's Lighted Yard Art LED Christmas Sign Outdoor Display Warm White