A skeleton tipping his top hat and shaking his bones in white and green LED lights.

6.5'x3' with white cord and 300 individual lights.

What better way to decorate for Halloween than with an LED Dancing Skeleton? This footloose and fancy-free design features a jolly skeleton tipping his top hat and shaking his bones. You can almost hear the music and feel the beat when you look at this white and green LED creation. The 6.5' x 3' wire display includes 300 individual LED lights on a white cord to bring the skeleton to life.

The whimsical LED Dancing Skeleton is the perfect way to show off your love of Halloween. The tall LED display is perfect for greeting visitors, waving to cars as they drive by and generally bringing home the holiday cheer. The display is made with energy-efficient LED lights so you can keep it plugged in throughout the holiday season without racking up an electricity bill that give you a fright. The frame of the decoration is made from sturdy steel wire which is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It can withstand rain, snow and other elements without rusting, making it the perfect choice for handling adverse autumn weather. Order a fabulous LED Dancing Skeleton and treat the costumed kiddos in your neighborhood to a fun-filled Hallows Eve night.

Halloween Skeleton Dancing Bones White LED Lighted Yard Art Display