Set of 2 Stockings with Toys

Christmas LED Light Displays Outdoor Yard Art Decorations

If you want to create a display theme regarding the anticipation of receiving Christmas presents, you’ll want to include this LED Stocking Large with Toys ornament. It is a two-dimensional steel-constructed frame adorned with LED light bulbs, the combination of which produces the impression of a Christmas stocking with a teddy bear, a candy cane, and a gift box emerging from the stocking.

Weight: 10.67 lbs
Amperage: 0.05
Dimensions: 44 in x26 in
Number Of Lights: 150.00
Lead Length: 6 feet
Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
Female Plug Type: End-to-End
Grade: Commercial
Voltage: 120
Bulb Type: Mini
Removable Bulbs: Yes

Something people—children, in particular—love to hype during the holiday season is the anticipation of receiving presents from their parents or good old St. Nick himself. So when you are decorating your home, office, or any other work environment and want to make this part of your theme or décor motif, you’ll want to include this LED Stocking Large with Toys as part of your display set. While it is unfortunately not an actual Christmas stocking stuffed with gifts and treats, Brite Ideas has created a two-dimensional ornament designed for hanging that creates a charming image through a collection of brilliantly expressive LED light bulbs. You get a light-equipped frame depicting a Christmas stocking with a candy cane, a wrapped gift box, and a teddy bear jutting out from the top. Not only does this ornament produce the outline and shape, it accomplishes this while producing specific little details including the smiling face of the teddy bear, the individual stripes of the candy cane, and the different colors of the foot and toe of the stocking. All of these shapes will remain in this detailed shape because the frame is steel-constructed, resistant to rust, and coated with powder. So you can hold the ornament by any part of its frame and not worry about the whole thing becoming deformed. But what really makes the LED Stocking Large with Toys such a dazzling ornament is the network of lights it supports. The frame is covered with white electrical wiring, which provides power for 150 LEDs, each spaced two inches apart. The stocking itself is red, with a white hem, toe, and heel. More red and white lights give definition and style to the candy cane. Then a collection of yellow LEDs form the teddy bear, and blue LEDs stand in for the teddy bear’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Green and purple LEDs stand in for the gift box. These lights are commercial-quality and designed for longevity, though are easily removable when the time for replacement comes.

Christmas Stockings Set of 2 LED Stocking with Toys Lighted Yard Art Outdoor