Christmas Elf Outdoor Wireframe Holiday Yard Art Display

Outdoor Christmas Decorations LED Elf

The LED Standing Elf is 48 inches by 31 inches in size and conveys the image of one of Santa’s famous helpers and toymakers. This Christmas LED ornament captures all of the details needed: the coat, the belt, the curved boots, the hat, and the large ears. It comes with 204 mini LED lights in red, blue, green, and white. These bulbs are commercial-grade and designed for a long-lasting effect. The powder-coated steel frame is sturdy and rust-resistant for years of use.

Weight: 6.95 lbs
Amperage: 0.067
Dimensions: 48 in x31 in
Number Of Lights: 204.00
Lead Length: 6 feet
Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
Female Plug Type: End-to-End
Grade: Commercial
Voltage: 120
Bulb Type: Mini
Removable Bulbs: Yes

During the Christmas season, many neighborhoods are lit up with decorations in the image of Santa Claus and his reindeer. If you have several of these ornaments yourself, you might consider completing the image of St. Nick’s busy workshop with the addition of this LED Standing Elf display. This LED Christmas decoration, representing one of Santa’s famous helpers and toymakers, creates an vibrant vision using a light-adorned steel frame. It is durable, convenient to use, and a joy to see. Plus, it’s a fresh image not seen in many household and business holiday display sets. The commercial-grade steel frame is powder-coated for rust resistance and extra longevity. The 204 LED bulbs are also commercial-grade in quality for long life and a powerful glowing effect. If need be, the bulbs can be individually removed and replaced. The rigidness of its frame also makes it very easy to handle without causing any damage to its shape. This holiday ornament captures the elaborate details necessary to make it a visually dazzling image. The elf has a belt with a loop-shaped buckle and a broad smile. Cuffs adorn his boots and his coat has lapels. Unlike many holiday decorations, this Christmas ornament does not use a single color for bringing its design scheme to life. Instead, the LED Standing Elf has lights of four different colors, grouped by hue according to what they represent. The elf’s coat and smile are red. His face, the outline of his nose, his gloves, and the cuffs of his boots are white. His belt is yellow, and his eyes and boots are green. The LED Standing Elf is 48 inches by 31 inches in size and will blend nicely with your other holiday display items or stand adorably on his own.

Christmas Decoration LED Elf Outdoor Yard Art Wireframe Light